why with us

Why with us?

Cash on card offers services that help people to stand in this competitive and busy world. We are always here to help people financially. We give our customers high standard and best quality services.
Cash on card makes life easy by giving cash against credit card service. For short term debt, a credit card is usually better than a personal loan. 

Credit cards provide a convenient way of payment for whatever you buy, whether offline or online. Cash against credit card enables you to make payment of the services like Home rent, Office rent, charges of a real estate agent, payment of contractors, tuition fees, hostel fees, fees of a coaching institute, etc..

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Things To Remember

Know maximum withdrawal Limit of your credit card

Before expecting any amount, know the maximum withdrawal limit. You will only get the cash
against the card as per the withdrawal limit of your credit card.

Know the service charges

There are certain service and transfer charges which you should know.

Know the Interest-free period

Always ask and get yourself updated with the Interest-free period so that you will be safe from
additional interest rates.

Be aware of additional fees

Make sure you are aware of the additional charges like additional fees for missing payments and
exceeding your credit limit.

Make the minimum monthly repayment

The minimum monthly repayment is the lowest amount that a customer can pay per month to
remain in good standing with the credit card company.

Understand Terms & Conditions of the service providers

Once you know and understand the Terms & Conditions of the service providers you can easily
select the best service providers.

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