How its work

How its work

In this fast-moving world, many times people encounter situations when they have to pay something on an urgent basis but are not in the position to make the payment. At that point of time, they feel depressed and tensed. They didnt find any way at that time. In that difficult situation, Cash on card is always with you. We will help you out to get instant cash from a credit card with a very less amount of interest. This service is hassle-free and easy to use. In five simple steps you will get the cash on your hand:

4 Simple Steps of Cash On Card

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You just have to contact us and visit our office with your credit card. You should know the maximum limit you card offers and the amount you want instant 


While visiting us show your Identity card and address proof. You should have carried these documents to get spot cash against your credit card. ID cards and address proofs are needed so that no one can misuse our services.

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Mention how much money you want. The maximum
money you want will depend upon your credit card limit.


Swipe your card. and get money We accept all types of credit cards.

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