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We provide cash on card instant payment services in Dubai

 We provides instant cash against credit cards in Dubai.
 If you are in Dubai and want immediate cash, you are in the right place.
 Safe and secure platform that provides instant cash against credit cards
 We accept card like Visa card/Master card/Dinners/Dina UAE Cards  get instant cash.

 You need some emergency cash in Dubai, we are here to help you whenever you want instant cash against credit card.

About Us


Have you ever stuck in the situation when you don’t have any cash and you need it urgently? 

We can encounter cash related problems in our day to day life. There are times when we run out of cash and that could lead us to some unavoidable circumstances. Its necessary to have some instant options to avoid such situations. Cash against credit card is a concept that provides cash to the people whenever they need it. Many people think that getting money from Cash against card is a tedious process. But its not so difficult because we are always here to help you. We stand by our customers in their difficult times. Instant Cash against credit card prevents you from the embarrassing situations of having less cash or no cash. Whats wrong in using cash against credit card if it can allow you to get instant cash just by one swipe. Moreover, adapting yourself to new techniques is preferable in todays world.

Get Instant Cash

The process is very secure and reliable.

Less Service charges

You can use our services even on holidays.

all credit cards are accepted

By using our services you can pay rents

need documents for cash no card





instant cash against credit card


cash against card


Benefits of Cash On Card

spot cash on credit card

Benefits of Cash On Card

 You can get instant cash on your hand easily.
 The process is very secure and reliable.
 Service charges are very less.
 You can use our services even on holidays.
 All types of credit cards are accepted.
 By using our services you can pay rents of your home or office with the cash against credit card.
 You can pay professional payments like payment of Real estate agent, lawyer, contractor, consultants, etc.
 With cash from credit card service, you can easily pay all the business payments like payment of your vendor, supplier, worker, etc..
 You can pay your childs coaching fees or tuition fees easily with instant cash against credit card service.
 One of the important benefits of cash on card is that you can pay your medical fees like doctors fees, medical bills, etc..

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